Website Testing

Our expert team of website testers can advise and guide you to create a better quality website. Using our structured and systematic approach, Kedu will document proven test coverage of your site, ensuring the functionality and performance meets the required standard.

Cross Browser Testing

Our cross-browser testing service will highlight any inconsistencies in the appearance and functionality of your website when it is viewed in different browsers across any web-enabled device: including performance of responsive designs displayed on different screen resolutions.

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Functionality Testing

Our highly skilled test analysts are able to challenge your software in a variety of complex scenarios to ensure it functions as intended in every situation: providing documented test coverage.

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Accessibility Testing

Our testers are able to ensure your website is fully compliant with industry leading accessibility standards to ensure your website is compliant and accessible to the widest audience possible.

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Page performance Testing

We can ensure that your site meets industry-leading standards and best practices in order to allow faster page renders and sufficient support across a wider range of devices. Our team can test the page weight of each webpage and ensure they are within an acceptable range, including mobile-readiness.

Visual Design Checking

We can ensure your website matches the original design documentation and that each page renders correctly and responsively across the most widely used browser types and screen resolutions.

Email Testing

We can visually test HTML emails to ensure they are styled correctly in a wide range of email client applications (such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Mac Mail) as well as common web-based services (such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo).