Mobile App Testing

We’re able to efficiently and effectively test your mobile app on an extensive range of phones and tablets. We always use real devices rather than virtual emulators to ensure our testing procedure represents the true user experience.

Our expert testers work in a systematic way to achieve full coverage across mobiles running the most widely used operating systems, including testing on devices with a variety of device capabilities and screen resolutions.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your testing requirements, which can include testing for:

  • App functionality and conformity to functional specification
  • Visual consistency across a range of screen resolutions
  • Impact on battery consumption
  • Integration with accelerometer and proximity sensors
  • conformance to accessibility guidelines
  • Consistent performance in a variety of phone usage scenarios:
    • Lost or interrupted phone connectivity as the phone switches from WiFi to 3G, or searches for reception.
    • Interruptions from system notifications such as phone calls or texts
    • App functions with press of the physical phone button functions
    • User interactions such as zooming or scrolling
    • Limited storage, memory, or local storage available
    • Performance when running in the background, behind other apps.