In addition to our range of testing services, we’re able to offer consultancy services to your business. This can be focused on training staff or defining processes: always with a focus on improving your quality assurance. With experience working on a wide range of websites and mobile apps, including e-commerce, our consultancy service brings a wealth of expert knowledge and industry-leading advice.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and your business needs. Typically, we provide consultancy services in the following areas:


Advice on choosing the most appropriate and cost-effect testing tools, such as bug tracking tools or test case management tools for reporting results.

Test Strategy

Defining Test strategies for products releases with a focus on optimising test coverage in line with you available resources.

Test Process

Help define custom processes specific to your team and your product to improve your QA process.

Staff Training

This can range from a basic introduction to the fundamentals of testing and how it can be applied to your projects to more detailed training to improve test coverage and overall quality assurance.


We can provide an introduction to accessibility testing.