Our Approach

Our approach is entirely flexible and adaptable to your needs, seamlessly fitting in with your team and your business. We use our experience to identify your business priorities and appreciate the unique way your team works so we can customise our process to your needs. This allows us to create a bespoke testing strategy that is appropriate to your team and your specific project objectives, budget and timescales.

Our Usual Approach

  • Collaborative: we often work in-house to better engage with developers and fully immerse ourselves with the development process
  • Priority-focused: we work with you to identify the most important elements of your project and focus on them first
  • Knowledge driven: we have a thorough knowledge of testing tools, which we can employ, when appropriate, to increase the speed of the testing procedure

Unique Benefits of our service

  • Flexible and on-demand service
  • Able to work on site to collaborate closely with developers
  • Scalable service with our team of skilled testers
  • Comfortable with quick turn around times
  • Bespoke service depending on your needs

Kedu’s Exploratory Testing Approach

Our unique approach is based on exploratory testing but tailored to suit the agency environment. The process is based around simultaneously exploring the system, designing tests and executing those tests: each of which is documented in a checklist form and test result recorded. This is in contrast to traditional and formal testing methods where tests are identified in advance based on original documentation which may become out of date as the project progresses, and may lack appropriate detail or simply irrelevant information to the completed software.

We do still review software documentation as part of this testing approach, but this would usually happen after testing has begun, rather than using it to guide the process: being light on documentation allows us to start testing quicker and reduce the overall time and cost of the project.

Our testers and our clients have found that using this unique approach to exploratory testing gives our team a more in-depth knowledge of the software allowing us to complete the testing process more effectively and in significantly less time.

This is how we like to work, but we are all qualified and skilled test analysts so we are able to create more detailed documentation of test scripts if this is relevant for a specific project.

Benefits Of Kedu’s Exploratory Approach

  • Efficiency: our testing procedure is significantly faster than scripted testing, as we eliminate unnecessary documentation and start testing immediately, prioritising the most complex and important user journeys first
  • Effectiveness: truly understanding the complexity of the site allows us to identify the range of tests that would best challenge it and quickly investigate the most important bugs