Testers are like detectives.

A good software tester will adopt a critical approach to their work and will probe the right parts of a system to find information they think might lead to a bug. They will turn over relevant rocks and use a sharp eye for clues that might lead to bugs. Sound familiar? It seems to me […]

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Best practice when reporting software bugs

Using a bug tracking system is vital A bug tracking system is a tool that everybody, not just the development team,  should use to report issues. Often we find clients and PMs feed issues to developers via email or spreadsheets. Not reporting in a bug tracking system has the following negative consequences: There are multiple […]

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Bug tracking systems: Features needed in a Bug tracking systems

Working with a multitude of bug tracking systems over the years, we’ve encountered a wide variety of tools some of which we felt were fit for purpose. We thought it would be good to outline the minimum feature set that a bug tracking system must have in order to adequately support the development and QA […]

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