Benefits of Kedu Testing

What Kedu Provides

  • Specialist skills: a team of expert quality assurance professionals with a wealth of experience
  • Flexibility: familiarity with agency environments with the ability to work on short-term, rapid-turnaround projects
  • Scalability: a team of testers who are available on site and on demand, as you require
    Efficiency: quick to understand testing priorities and identify key issues from the start of the testing process
  • Objectivity: the provision of an independent test report to your client, bolstering their confidence in your company’s ability
  • Bespoke service: a unique testing service tailored to your business, project, budget and timescales

The Benefits Of Our Approach

  • Proven test coverage: all tests conducted and clearly documented as part of a systematic approach
  • Challenging scenario testing: exploring the decisions and logic of the software in complex scenarios to identify weaknesses that may have been overlooked
  • Improved usability: ensuring all interactions with the software are simple and intuitive with timely feedback, especially in error scenarios
  • Assurance: greater confidence in the completed software when delivering to client and launching to the user
  • Test scripts: the provision of well documented and reusable test scripts for regression testing, if required

We Can Help And Advise You On

  • Testing spec: using current market insights and your client’s Google Analytics to recommend which OS and browsers to test
  • Agile: familiarity and experience to advise how testing best fits in the sprint
  • Training: improving your in-house team’s test awareness and consideration of more varied and challenging test scenarios
  • For more information of areas of your business where Kedu can help and advice you, have a look at our consultancy service